About Me



A published food author and member of the Guild of Food Writers I have over 30 yrs experience in the food industry. A career in food product development, publishing and higher education means that I have a breadth of knowledge and skills within the field. Since 2012 I have been writing a food blog ‘Eat Surrey’ specialising in the local independent food culture in the county of Surrey where I live. I regularly publish reviews of small artisan food producers, farm shops, restaurants and cafes, which are independently owned and serve the local community. This blog serves as a portfolio of my skills in writing, food photography and recipe development, services which I offer clients via my business Eat Surrey PR.

My early career as a chef helped me gain valuable cooking skills before moving into restaurant management. Taking my first degree in Food and Consumer Studies in London I went straight to teaching in higher education on a food management degree programme. A chance to work in food product development and marketing for a major food retailer proved irresistible and kick started my interest in food publishing. Moving abroad saw the start to my freelance food-writing career, which I utilised in Singapore, Taiwan and Miami.

Returning to the UK in 2005 I managed an education food website for secondary pupils sponsored by Sainsbury’s. I also went back to school and after graduating from City University with an MSc in Food Policy I felt driven to provide support and help to small artisan food producers. I had also (in my early career) set up and run my own successful whole-food bakery. Because of this I understand first hand the hard work and sacrifice people make to start out on their own and how difficult it can be to make it work. Embracing the wonderful world of self-publishing, blogs and social media has allowed me to put all my skills to use and set up a business to compliment my expertise and communicate directly with my target community.

In addition to this I teach food and social media part-time at Surrey University in the department of Hospitality and Tourism (ranked number one in the UK by the Good University Guide 2015).

I only work for independently owned small food  businesses who need to be empowered to take on social media and marketing to gain exposure. I also hate to see amateur unprofessional websites, blurred unappealing food photography and badly written copy, if you are small business tucked away down a leafy lane it’s essential to present your business as brilliantly as you can. I understand and have expert knowledge to help you get the most out of your business and help it grow using some simple but effective techniques. In addition I have a policy of charging fairly for the work I undertake for you, particularly at the start of our business journey together. I am happy to negotiate in a creative way for fees and sometimes for small jobs just a box of veggies or a leg of lamb can seal the deal but I do have to pay bills too! Whilst I am based in Surrey, England, I am happy to work with companies regardless of where they are based.